Pit Hangar 5 Supreme Leader


Dec 15, 2003
The greatest leader of Pittsburgh Maintenance the airline world has ever known.

Just another buddy of Al the great.. Rumor has it Doug loves him to.

"So, on the 27th we come out of Bankrupcy and merge. The new CEO, Doug Parker, announces celebrations at all stations, cookouts, ect.. Spxxx has spent the last year turning the Hangar into "this is a place of business, not a place for fun". Well, Parker likes to have fun (so we are told). And now Spxxx is ordered to have a cookout and he remembers the giant, wheeled grill the Hgr2 mechanics pitched in and bought in 2000. When they closed Hgr 1 & 2, Spxxx told them to "get that thing out of here", and one guy took it home. Now, Spxxx wants 'his' grill back, remembers this guy 'took it' and starts pressuring him to bring it back. "I don't have it anymore" says mechanic. "I'll call the Police and Corperate Security and report you for theft", says Spxxx to said mechanic. Previously, this mechanic figures he needs to cover his ass, so he has already called Corperate Security, the County Police, and explained the situation. In reply to Spxxx, he tells him this. Spxxx gives him a PE-1 for ' non-cooperation'. Most of the Hgr5 mechanics, of all shifts, boycott the cookout (because if you can't boycott a hamburger, what can you boycott?) Spxxx announces that the boycott was because PIT is against the merger. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."


Jan 27, 2004
aerosmith said:
Seems to me I contributed $5 towards the puchase of that grill back in 1999. It belongs to the employees. Get a life Gary. :down:

And being that the gentleman was told by a supervisor to "get it out of here" in order to bring it back he can charge reasonable & customary storage charges for the times he's had the grill since no other employee wanted to take on removing it from the property when order to do so.


Aug 20, 2002
Ask him to show proof that it ever was Company property. I'm sure that it would have a company issued propery tag on it, as well as being listed on an inventory sheet. We came upon a similar situation when our station was Outsourced with items that were purchased out of the Employee Fund...There was no paperwork to show that any of the items were Company property in the first place...

AP Tech

Sep 4, 2002
And I always thought it got shipped to Alabama to the 3rd party contractor along with most of our other tooling!!! :up:


Dec 15, 2003
The point is not the grill, its the man in charge..

This is typical of his leadership style.. Find someone to blame, never own up to any mistakes, lead by the use of a club.

Thats how Spxxx runs his department.. Fear and intimidation.. He's not a team player, never has been and never will be.

Who ever is the next VP of Mtc you can bet that Gary Spxxx will be at his house with a case of burbon, a can of wax for his car and some rags so he can get to work. He's the classic brown nosing Scum that has lived at US Airways all these years.. I can make these statements because I have worked for the fool.

Its not about the grill folks, its about the idiot. Doug Parker is better served by ousting fools like Spxxx and his band of merry mangers.. The court jesters all. The biggest one, The infamous Osama Bin Lewis!!! The ultimate..

Having worked with every one of his staff and having worked for them I am amply qualified to fire shots across their bow!!

The best cook out to have would have been to have one without them. Make it on the same day.. When it was time to go to their cookout go to your own.. Simple.. Not a boycott, just a boycott of the leadership of the hangar.. Yippie we are all one today but we are not one with you.. Thats the message.