Pit-lgw Traffic Vanished

Light Years said:
US served BOS-FRA in the 90's, I can't remember if they served London or not.

I flew from PHL several times non-rev to London in the 90's. My son and I explored castles all over the country while his school was on strike. He learned that real castles do have torture chambers, murder holes and dungeons. We took a ride on the hovercraft from Dover and visited Normandy. He wrote about that years later in high school--it impacted him deeply. We spent a Christmas in London and did the Charles Dickens tour (and even took DH along since at one time he was senior enough to get the holiday off!). My son found a wallet at the Tower of London and turned it in to the Beefeater. He got a button from his coat as a reward (along with a few pounds from the owner who subsequently returned). Service was really nice then--even in coach--free drinks, a supply kit for the evening, dinner and an AM snack, etc. Gosh, I'm getting teary eyed with nostalgia!
USA320Pilot said:
In between bankruptcy 1 and 2 US Airways evaluated flying long-thin transatlantic B757 flights and concluded it would be more economical to use B767-200s if they could be obtained from the used aircraft market "on the cheap", according to Dave Siegel.



FWIW, the last recurrent ground school none other that Al Jones said they were seriously looking at ETOPSing some of the 757's. I suspect that they will end up on the DUP/SNN runs and maybe somewhere in the UK. But then again that could just be conjecture.

US moved the CLT-FRA flight to BOS-FRA, then back to CLT, US Never flew BOS-LGW.
PHL said:
How did the CO nonstop CLE-LGW compare before/after PIT-LGW was nixed?

CLE-LGW was up 18% in May, but only slightly (2%) in June. That flight averaged an 85% load factor for June, however, meaning it's full on the most popular days - so there really wasn't room for much growth and CO lacks the aircraft to put on a bigger plane.

EWR-LGW showed decent growth (about 3000 pax) so some of PIT's traffic could easily have gone there.