Political Humor

Not really feeling the effect of all the Biden wins. Spending about 20% more to live. Gas here is $5 a gallon. Might have to self identify as a Native American.

I prefer to look here to judge a Presidential administrations actual numbers when people like to throw out these posters that either go for their narrative or against someone else’s. Everyone today seems to be only about trying to win their arguments rather than providing actual facts.

Facts are the Biden administration has had wins and losses like every other damn Presidential administration that’s ever held the office. If you support their platform and agenda you’ll obviously give them high marks and if you don’t you’ll give them a failing grade.

It’s “independents” who ultimately decide elections anyway. Sheep who choose to graze on both sides will always be sheep.

Inflation is a worldwide issue not just the states. And the Saudis cut oil production as did other OPEC+ members.

In Hong King gas is $11.43 a gallon

Even though Presidents have close to zero control over Gas ⛽️ prices they do take the blame from voters. And Inflation was inevitable after all the stimulus monies given out under the Trump and Biden administrations.