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What is your opinion of the new AA brand?

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Try telling management that. They look at you like you're stupid. Problem is that most of them have no balls to tell the truth. The truth is that this livery is terrible and completely embarrassing. Even our customers tell me that it is atrocious. Why is it that us employees have a never ending battle apologizing for the ridiculous decisions that the over paid make? Let them hang out with the customers that are inconvenienced by their dumb decisions and i bet they change. Just look at the blogs. If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny. Tommy Boy is going to ride this abomination till the severance comes in. It is time to admit they $ucked up and make the change before they waste too much money. What a disgrace this #### hole continues to turn into!
Only if that customer is a NON-ELITE once or twice a year flyer. As a former Chairman's Preferred on US for 7 years I wouldn't step foot on a different carrier just because the the airfare was slightly lower. And now as a Diamond Preferred on DL I won't step foot on US or any other airline when I benefit from being an ELITE on DL.

And this is the best statement from the link that 1AA posted.............it says it all.

"American Airlines filed for bankruptcy and it’s undergoing a larger rebranding. Couldn’t you make the argument that it’s right to want a new image and identity? That the old look may be somewhat damaged?
This is the typical mistake that company presidents make: “I’ll change the logo, and the company will look new.” What you have to have is a president who knows how to run the company, and in that process knows how to evaluate the brand identity. Otherwise it becomes a wolf camouflaged by sheep. It’s still the same company that’s not going to be successful. They’re not going to solve their problems, they’re just going to increase their costs."
same thing goes for the elite, corporate etc, aa can make them a deal they cant refuse, then they wont give a crap what the livery looks like, look at southwest, that livery is ugly as hell (i think anyway) it doesnt seem to hurt them. The passengers might whine but make them a deal they cant refuse! Im sure AA is very aware of this.
The re-branding is just as much about the employees as it is about the customers (that and pissing away millions). They want to try and sell this as a "new job". They are hoping that a new look will inspire a better attitude. They want to capitalize on the experience that we offer but they want us to try and forget about everything they took away and get us to "buy in" to some BS thing like we are trying to build something here that we can be proud of some day, that all that is required from us is sacrifice now. They want us to come to work at AA with the same attitude they believe we would have if AA had liquidated and we were starting over at UAL or SWA.

Its not going to work, because we can clearly see that what they are offering is no future. Lowest wages, most expensive Health Benefits, least amount of vacation, only 20 hours of pay for working 80 hours of holidays, and the least amount of sick time. AA is already the number three carrier as far as size, but we are dead last as far as wages, benefits and working condistions, why would anyone believe that helping to make AA number one would do anything for us?
Just saw it in person yesterday morning in Miami..

I've changed my vote from "hate it" to "growing on me"..

Something about the silver paint, I think....
I saw it at JFK, it is worse in person! I still can't understand why these buffoons in London were thinking. Just remember that they are redesigning EVERYTHING. From ticket counters to gate podiums and the Admirals clubs. They will have their hands on it all. I shudder to think what disgusting thing they will come up with next. I swear the are either color blind or just a bunch of kids working with finger paint.
Still won't pay the bills. As someone mentioned before, 3d glasses and you can see your name. I found mine,on the toilet service panel. Enjoy the veal.
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Now that the merger appears to be certain, What are the odds that Parker will nix the new look. Also, US has heritage planes in there fleet, these are aircraft that have livery of airlines that have merged into US to make them who they are today. They currently have Piedmont, Allegany and PSA. I hope to see him continue this tradition with honors going out to TWA, Reno and AirCal. They also have Sport Livery for Eagles, Cardinals, Steelers and Panthers. If he contiues that tradition we may see livery for the Cowboys, Giants, Dolphins, Raiders, Jets and Bears.
I hope that after clearing out Centre Port that the next decision is to stop the rebranding and get a real livery not produced by a blind person. Future Brands is so lost it is embarrassing. They failed big time!
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I hope that after clearing out Centre Port that the next decision is to stop the rebranding and get a real livery not produced by a blind person. Future Brands is so lost it is embarrassing. They failed big time!

I agree, it must go, but unless Parker has already got something in place, then it may take months if not more than a year to come up with a new image. In the mean time, every aircraft from Seattle and France will arrive in the new livery. And this is "if" DP feels the branding needs changing. The polls above favor a branding revisit by better than 80%, if this is close to how the general public feels, I don't know how he can ignore it.
All they have to do is stop painting them, come up with a new design and start with the ridiculous ones first along with all new deliveries. Interim deliveries can come with the gray fuselage and the American name with a white tail and the old AA and scissor eagle as a sticker. Problem solved and we are no longer the laughing stock of the aviation world. These guys make dumber and dumber decisions by the day.
Oh, come come. The new hideous American livery was in the works as the new USAirways/American livery all along. It was just a cosmetic precursor. And for as much as US and America West is still not fully merged, perhaps the new name should be American West Airways.
Well the new paint job should fix everything according to Horton and company. Maybe not.

AA made the top ten on this list that no one wants to be on.