Question regarding severance due to RIF

Feb 4, 2003
Does anyone know how AA can change their policies so many times after res agents in ORF and LAS received their WARN letters/closure of office notice, completed their options for either transfer to another location or accepted separation? We had been told from Feb 4, 2003 and up until Mar 28, 2003, our severance would be on Apr 4 (lump sum). Then on Mar 28, we were told 11 Apr. Then on Apr 2, we were told some time mid Apr, we would receive 4 wks max paid monthly until all due is received. No dates of disbursement given. People have made financial committments based on what was promised. This is as bad as trying to get a child support check. I believe now agents will be truly sorry for not having union representation. Any help would be appreciated.

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