Reduction in flights from DFW and LUV


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
This article contains information about reductions in flights from DFW and LUV. So, I decided to put it in Airline News.

P.S. Knight -Ridder (news agency that published this article) put Fairbanks, AKL in Ala. If they had moved Fairbanks to Alabama, I'm sure I would have heard about it by now. Anyone else know anything? o_O
Irony in Glenn's link from The Atlantic. I brought currency up as an issue weeks ago, and the Skygods laughed it off...

In order to serve as a “required flight crewmember”—that is, a captain or first officer—a pilot must have conducted three takeoffs and landings in the past 90 days. Several of the airline pilots I spoke with were watching the clock run out on their own recent-experience qualifications.

“As of right now, May 20 is when I drop out of currency,” Patrick Smith told me. “My carrier’s training center has been closed for a month. With so many of us facing currency issues, the logistics of how they’re going to run people through training is going to be a challenge for sure.”

Another pilot said, “There’s going to be a huge rush on the simulators—if they ever call us back.”

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