Rumors are out cuts in res to be seen this week ...

Sources say it’s between 6 to 10 percent, every management department will be cut. Company would like most of the cuts to be completed by the end of October.
There are supposed to be management cuts, across the entire company. They were supposed to be announced today or early next week. Estimates are 10% of the management ranks will be cut. This includes low, mid and upper levels of management.
Get rid of management....come on now, how will this airline survive. Very good decision, give them their bonus so they don't jump ship, and then cut them. Its been talked about since Sep 11th of last year but up to now I really doubt if the management headcount has changed. Its about time, now let us see if the company gets rid of the true dead wood
I can only hope in INT Res that the supervisors that are permitted to stay is not soley based on seniority but rather on performance...we have a junior supervisor that is the best of the bunch...puts in more hours than the others and is actually available to employees to ask questions..regarding to furloughs, procedures..etc...
Why is it, that most union employees think that all management is overpaid ? The truth of the matter is that most lower to middle management make less then most union employees with the same seniority make.

I agree with the fact the most senior level managers, directors and VP's are the ones that are making the big bucks and getting the outrages perks. Those are the people that need to be cut.

But the truth of the matter is that most of the cuts will be in the lower to middle management range where the major of management's work get done and the package that will be given to these employees will be a slap in the face. Most will only 2 -6 weeks of severance pay.
I noticed to that some non union people think they are management when in fact they are just non union and are not management, but I guess it sounds good. I do agree that some do not make that much though.
I heard that the mgmt cuts will come from INT and PIT. Both cites have have. 2 operations mananges, 2 sales managers, 2 HR managers, 2 Schedulers. I see alot of redundency here that can easily be cut.

Like dave says....
you must prune to grow
Not every management employee is getting the bonus. It's reserved for upper management folks, like Directors, VP's, Senior VP's and Executive VP's. The average Joe Schmoe low-level management employee isn't being paid any bonus and is no more to blame for US Airways mess than the man in the moon. But guess who the layoffs will go to? Those people. People need to stop painting a large group of employees with the same brush.
UAL - wasn't the bonus package that everyone was complaining about during negotiations supposed to go to management employees below the level of either Senior VP or Director?

What is really sad is a lot of these employees were dragged along for the ride with the enticement of the bonuses and heft severence packages, only to have them ripped away just before the ax falls. A good friend of mine with 18 years with the company went from being promised a performance bonus and a 52 week severence package (if the needed) to (most likely) being shown the door with 20 weeks severence and no bonus money. Money that was earned in 2001 and promised to be paid, even in bankruptcy court.

The week of October 14th many low and middle management employees were called into meetings around the system and were warned of impending layoffs. They were told that they would know something the week of the 21st. That week has passed and the ax has yet to fall. It is my understanding that their packets have arrived in many locations, but they may have to wait until Friday, Nov 1st to get the news. I have many friends in the low and mid levels of management in this company and I feel for each of them.

As far as I have seen and heard, no termination notices have been handed out.......yet. They should be delivered by Friday.

My thoughts and prayers are with every US employee that has been effected by this. From Rampers to Pilots to Managers.

I was under the impression that the bonus program was for high level management only. If I'm wrong, than I sincerely apologize for putting out bad information. In any event, I echo your sentiments about the employees of US Airways affected by layoffs. My company is about to go down the same path, one way or another.
Frankly, I'm surprised if there is anything but management deadwood at this point...whoever remains is probably unable to get a job elsewhere. Most of the good people have attritted over the last 2 years.