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Dec 17, 2002
Seems to be that the MEX and SAL RES offices are up and running. We have been seeing numerous records that have been worked on by them. However, the work that they are performing is outside of the scope authorized by the CWA contract. As of now they are only supposed to be handling calls from passengers that are originating from central America and the Caribbean, but the reservations offices in INT and PIT have noticed more and more records that do not include travel to and from that region of the world worked on by Atento. Per the CWA contract before they can start to handle domestic calls there first must be a early out vacancy created in the reservations classification. To date none of the reservations centers have been awarded any early out bids. Chris Fox from the local CWA in PIT has flow to meet with Kerry Trucksteps today in DCA about this matter, hopefully she will bring an explanation back to the membership.

And speaking of Kerry she will be flying down to SAL this week no doubt to check on the status of getting the outsourced RES offices fully functional. There have been sending agents from the PIT office down to MEX on Sundays and back on Fridays. Funny though they never seem to come back to there jobs in RES centers here. I don't blame them, because most of the employees feel utter disgust for those that would go and help accelerate the process of gearing down the Domestic RES operation.

And as a side note, in PIT we have a variable trainer who has had more than there fair share of bad fortune in their life from a son with a brain problem, carpel tunnel syndrome, and knee replacement. Through all that the entire RES office rallied around her doing 50/50 raffles and bake sales to help make ends meet, when confronted about why she would go to SAL/MEX to train the new agents she smugly replied "you voted for this contract". Nice to see she demonstrates the same solidarity that everyone else did for her.
The Atento offices are definately taking domestic sales calls and there are many pnr errors coming across. Seems they might have brushed over how to set up a DM award in class!
I don't blame the Atento personnel they are people too, trying to make a living. And I don't blame the agents going to the outsourced offices to train the trainers. At this point it is all moot. It was all going to happen, contract or not, and it will have disasterous consequences on U's customer service after awhile. I hope they are training like crazy in Mex and Sal soon to be MNL with PRC. The agents in Pit are anxious to get on with life and holding people back is going to get frustrating for all. The CWA needs to find out how many agents are handling calls offshore and the equal amount of agents should be awarded an EO asap. There are many agents waiting to be released, hoping to take the summer off , or start classes. I know of several now working 2 jobs in hopes the EO date is April. We shall see, with 200 calls on hold most of the time....
well the first thought in my mind was the same...your minions voted this live with the it or not... :down:
I dont understand why you are persecuting the variable trainers about going overseas to train. We did vote on this, and knew when we voted that it was going offshore. If I was a variable trainer, I would jump at the chance to have on my resume that I was sent overseas to train people. Especially in the company's current position, I would be doing all I could to enhance my employment opportunities elsewhere. :unsure:

As an aside, please do not get solidarity and support confused.
reznc said:
I dont understand why you are persecuting the variable trainers about going overseas to train. We did vote on this, and knew when we voted that it was going offshore..

As an aside, please do not get solidarity and support confused.
Yes, most people would do what is required to keep their job. If the company sent them there then they have to do their job. It is going to happen one way or the other. Why should someone refuse to, "make a point" and put their job at risk.
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PineyBob said:
BINGO! Preparation for your next job begins the day you get your current job. You decide what you want to be next and prepare to do it. Either in or outside your current employer.

I'd be doing everything I can to polish my resume if I worked in a place as uncertain as US Airways.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Just ask Al Crellin about that. Primary difference being when you are a 6 figure failure you get to keep your job.
Your missing the point, we are a family good or bad. I don't know a employee group that doesn't function that way. Yes we voted the contract in, does it mean we have to like it. It was the lesser of two evils. These people that went to Central America have cut of their noses to spite their faces. What for a bullet on their resume *Assitst with the lauch of a central american call center. That little bullet doesnt mean a crap of #### if they don't have a BA in their educational field.
"you voted this in".....Where does anyone that saw the contract ever believe that there was a choice? was a real effective sales technique by mgmt....metaphorically speaking IMO "would you prefer a cyanide tablet to 99% of your group or would everyone prefer a noose?" There was NO choice. It was a sinking ship contract and everyone that voted for it was hoping that someone in the group could grab onto one of the few life preservers and that they would survive with it. It was better than insisting we all stay on the ship and hold hands and sing "Kum By Ah".
Schatzee said:
Actually the ship is just getting smaller and the singing will begin shortly.........
Remember what they teach you in business school: "#1 comes first and screw everyone one else." My opinion: Get the hell out of this Industry. I mean everyone!....No real future here with low wages and low benefits. You're life should improve as years go by, not reduce you to a minimum wage reject. Everyone should leave, and let the public take the bus.......I left 5 years ago and saw the light back then. Why do people refuse to see the future here. It's a losers future. Get out and be a happier person. Leave these jobs to the peons.