Sheer TERROR, Fear, and huge FRUSTRATION !

Nah, I'll vote. I have not missed a major election since I turned 18 and I will not miss one now. I won't like it but I will vote.

Considering that the people would not know an 'issue' if it bit them on the a$$ I seriously doubt Clinton has much to worry about and if it turns out as everyone suspects, that Guliani is the Rep nominee, the Dems will win the White House and they will maintain if not increase their majorities in the Congress. Not that it will matter because there will be no need to have a 2/3 to over ride a veto.

I would plan on getting used to the term "Madam President" for a while. It's going to be a bumpy 4-8 years. Bush screwed this country in ways that will be discovering for years to come. This is just one example.