Silver One

Aug 19, 2002
Can anyone please tell me why we have this aircraft painted like a trash can......I''ve seen pictures of the orignal idea for Silver One in the bare metal..which looks alot better that that gray/silver paint they threw on the jet.....what I got told was that pilots of other airlines were complaining about the glare...but I know that''s a bunch of BS because they would be complaining about AA and US.....Anybody know the real truth!
As I understand it, to keep silver one looking nice and shiny it had to be kept out of service longer so it could be buffed. Planes on the ground don't make money, so the decision was made to paint it and get it back in the air more often.
It used to be polished aluminum but the cost of polishing it every 6 months got to be too expensive. I'm sure the stockholders appreciate it but the rest of us liked it the way it was. As usual, everything boils down to money. Hope this helps!
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Here are some nickname for our fleet:

Lone Star One=Redneck One
New Mexico One=Cheezwhiz One
Nevada One=Gambler One
California One=Hamster One
Arizona One=Catus One
Spirit One=Barnymobile One

Maybe someone can come up for one for Triple Crown One & Shamu!