Some AA 'info please

Aug 20, 2002
To my surprise, I got a 2015 AA retiree  UHC ID card.
Plus a month ago I got a $600. check from AA related to prefunding.
I retired in 2004.
Now the questions
I'm over 65(69) and getting full medicare, which I know is the primary medical insurance
The gal at HR told me that I was in a Group of retirees that got 'grandfathered-in' for a $50,000.xx life time medical benefit for retiree coverage.
My question is this.
To get my medications, do I HAVE to enroll in Medicare part D  ??
If I was not yet eligible for Medicare, would I then get my meds... OFF..of... the AA retiree ($50,000) plan that I was 'grandfathered' into ?
THANX in advance ! 
Bears, suggest you take that question to the Medicare folk.  A wrong step could jeopardize your benefits for a year or more.  You will need to take full documentation of this alleged AA benefit into which you are grandfathered.

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