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That is true, I''m sure that America West''s presence at the time in CMH was not a huge factor in their determining to add service on select markets. But now that America West''s presence is essentially gone, the airline could easily pick up the displaced passengers, especially on the CMH-LAX route. Also, Southwest and America West had essentially equivalent service in the Florida market, with Southwest flying once daily to MCO and twice daily to TPA, and America West flying twice daily to MCO and once daily to RSW.


I am currently a ramp agent with America West in Columbus. Mainline service between Baltimore and Columbus was discontinued a few years ago. Prior to the start of the hub reduction we served Baltimore 5 times daily with ERJ-145 aircraft. Next week we will be down to 3 daily flights, and the route will be discontinued on June 1. I see the passenger boarding totals for all of our flights out of CMH, and our Baltimore flights, especially the 5PM departure, were often oversold.



Thanks for the info. I didn''t even know that HP went to all RJ''s on the route. Although I do recall when I worked in BWI for a few months that HP did cancel several flights a week between BWI and CMH. This was early on in the service for HP in the market.

BTW I hope you you still be employed after the complete dismantling of the CMH hub. Best of luck.
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Here is my nonstop wish list for PVD.


I think all 4 can handle 1 daily nonstop flight at the very least. I believe FLL and RDU can support multiple nonstops.

Thanks for the kind words. Actually, I''ll be furloughed from the company in a week. It was definitely a great place to work, we were all like one big family. I''ll definitely miss it.

As for my Southwest wish list, I would like to see:

CMH-BWI: 1 additional flight for a total of 3 daily flights.
CMH-MCO: 1 additional flight for a total of 2 daily flights.
CMH-MDW: 1 additional flight for a total of 6 daily flights (was 6 daily prior to Sept. 11, 2002).
CMH-MCI: 2 new daily nonstop flights.
CMH-LAX: 1 new daily nonstop flight.