Southwest Considers Moving HQ To PHX


Nov 9, 2003
Wasn't that really what the Wright Amendment intended in the first place? Commercial traffic moving to DFW?

Not quite. If I remember correctly (and someone please correct me if not), there was an agreement reached between the local authorities and the airlines that served Love Field when DFW was proposed. It required the airlines serving Love at that time to move to DFW when it opened.

However, WN wasn't in operation when the agreement was reached so couldn't be forced to abide by it when DFW opened since they hadn't signed it. There were court fights that I think ended up with the Supreme Court.

Of course, WN (and anyone else) was restricted at Love to only flights within the borders of Texas - no interstate flights. Now comes the Wright Amendment, which allowed WN (or anyone else) to operate flights to/from Love to the states that touched Texas.

So the Wright Amendment actually allowed WN to expand their Love operation.


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