Southwest Effect Still Alive And Well in Colorado Springs


Oct 23, 2010
After 50 years the Southwest Effect still working it's magic. In one month fares dropped over 25%, traffic increased, and Southwest became the largest people mover in it's very first month. There is no doubt that now days it is much harder to get this done as new and younger airlines in the ULLC group are also contenders for traffic increases, but most folks are just sick and tired of the nickel and diming and most ULLC's (after including all fees and cost) are right at the same price and even more than Southwest because Southwest IS the only airline that still fly's bags for free.
I sure hope the locals will keep boosting Southwest and supporting them so they can continue to experience the Southwest Effect with lower fares and future flight expansions. The quote below is proof the Southwest Effect is alive and still spreading everywhere Southwest goes...

"No one can deny that the arrival of Southwest in Colorado Springs has been a game changer," said Johnna Reeder-Kleymeyer, who became CEO in December of the Colorado Springs Chamber & Economic Development Corp. "The Southwest Effect — once they come to an airport, you see an increased number of flights and lower fares through competition. We are very pleased with year one and want to continue and grow the partnership with our community."

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