Status of UA-US Marketing Agreement


Aug 19, 2002
Anyone heard any updates (rumors or otherwise) on the status of the UA-US marketing agreement? The period for public comment ended last Thursday, but all has been quiet for almost a week now.
The DOT is asking for advice from the DOJ, the same people that took over two years to decide on the cancelled U/UA merger. That two years did great harm to both U and UA as evidenced by the situation they are in relative to the other majors. Remember, Bush has a buddy and longtime contributer over at AA by the name of Carty, and Ashcroft works for Bush. Bush is putting on the crack down on corporate thievery show, but it seems nobody remembers how his brother had a big part in the savings and loan moneygrab. You just cant't trust anybody anymore.
Even if the DOT/DOJ do not approve a domestic code share there is another way an agreement between these two airlines could be made..and that is they could have an international code share which will give U Canada, Asia and australia and give UAL the Caribbean.

2) They can make an agreement to accept and issue e-tickets...