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Dec 21, 2002
I guess Little forget about his empty threat regarding shared sacrifice!

He's probably consumed considering the best way to tell us the company wants more concessions, namely the pension, because UAL and USAIr are gonna rid themselves of the cost and how AA will be at a disadvantage!

Directors Update - 06-14-04 - Monday, June 14, 2004 at 14:52

Mr. Jim Weel

Managing Director EPR

American Airlines, Inc.

PO Box 619616 MD 5235

DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616

RE: Information – Shared Sacrifice - Restructuring

Dear Jim:

As you know, we have had on-going discussions regarding the 2003 restructuring agreement and the issue of “Shared Sacrifice.â€￾ A few weeks ago, Jeff Brundage, Senior Vice President Human Resources assured us that finance was in the process of putting together an analysis of a cross section of Management concessions as compared to the labor concessions.

We again raised the issues at the May 19, 2004 Stockholders Meeting and also at the follow-up meeting with Mr. Arpey.

Jim, as you well know we all are aware of the shared sacrifice that Mr. Arpey and the Senior Management has taken. However, although we have been advised that Management’s share across the board is reflective of our members’ sacrifices, we have yet to be giving this breakdown.

Bottom line, our members, as equal partners in avoiding bankruptcy, deserves the information. What is absolutely unacceptable is that our members and all labor groups had to have the entire restructuring agreement completed in less time than it is taking American Airlines to provide us with the comparison, which is the benchmark of credibility.

We can no longer continue to accept more excuses. Therefore, if the information is not received in our office by Monday, June 28, 2004 we will take whatever action we deem appropriate considering that Shared Sacrifice did not occur.


James C. Little

Director Air Transport Division

Intl. Administrative Vice President

JCL:cjw opeiu-153 afl-cio

C: S. Hall

ATD Intl. staff assigned

J. Brundage

AA Local Presidents

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