Summer Schedule


Dec 1, 2005
It looks like US has finally extended its schedule beyond April 13th. Most of the changes are typical, but there are a few surprises:

From CLT,Starting 6/4/07:

CLT-SFO - 4 daily 321s
CLT-SEA - 2 daily 321s

Plus, CLT-ATL and CLT-STL get one daily 733 flight starting 5/7 and ALB, CHS, IND, MHT, MSP, EWR, ORF, RIC, SAV and SYR will all get an additional mainline flight(s). Several other cities will see an increase in the size of express aircraft.

From PHL, starting 6/4/07:

PHL-DEN - 3 daily (2 US 319,320/1 HP 319)
PHL-SAN - 3 daily (2 US 320s/1 HP 319)
PHL-SFO - 4 daily (321, 3 320s)
PHL-SEA - 3 daily (321, 2 320s)

PHL-LAX will remain at 3 daily, which is odd

From PIT, starting 6/4/07:

PIT-DEN - 2 daily (319,320)
PIT-LAX - 2 daily (2 320s)
PIT-SAN - 1 daily (319)
PIT-SFO - 2 daily (319,320)
PIT-SEA - 1 daily (319)

From PHX, starting 5/7/07:

PHX-BDL - 1 daily returns (319)
PHX-HNL - 2 daily (757s)
PHX-RDU - 2 daily (2 319s)
PHX-IAD - 2 daily (2 319s)

Also, a while back, I recall someone asking about an early morning flight from JAX-CLT being removed from the schedule, but it now shows one departing JAX at 700a as usual.
So I guess they won't be combining the two operations by May 1 after all.

You probably missed it in all the clutter this company puts out..but the latest is the merger will be finished by the end of 2Q. So the end of June? I have my doubts also. Best. Greeter
Does anyone know when the 3rd E190 will be coming online? I am wondering if they will still continue to put them on PHL routes that already have mainline services when more enter the system, or if they will fly them out of PHL to places that are in need of mainline service that currently only have E170s or CRJs.

In a perfect world, though, they will put them out of other stations like CLT and PIT, and once the res systems are combined, hopefully routes like PHL-AUS,SAT,ABQ,OKC,DSM or PHX-BHM,MSY.

Anyone know the delivery schedule or have any inside info on how the new E190s will be deployed.
The aircraft sizes out of PIT suggest that there is no plan to put more Express flights into the station.

Looks like right-sizing PIT is humming right along. Doug's statement that he wouldn't cut flights at PIT at the first town hall meeting he had was impossible to enforce, and he knew he could use excuses like Express EAS flights disappearing and the lack of connections throught PIT for flyers from Upstate New York to change things around. And when I say Doug, it's a euphemism for the whole Tempe operation (please don't suggest he doesn't have the power to change things. I know it's a cabal.)

Fewer Express flights feeding PIT means less need for Mainline flights, unless of course it's a seasonal increase, which is once again meaningless if you refuse to allow connecting traffic through a station.

Although I really enjoy not killing myself every shift anymore to get flights off of their gates, I would be willing to go back to the way things used to be if it meant that the extra flights PIT gained meant fewer flights for CLT and PHL, so the agents there weren't slammed day in and day out with ridiculous amounts of work.

Betcha the passengers would be happier, too.
Glad to see at least one direct PIT-SAN flight in there. I remember there used to be so many more......

As for combined ops, how combined can you really be when your contracts are seperate.....I am thinking end of 07 before anything is actually combined.