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Let me be a bit more specific for you.

Once you get into the hub certain links that you go to will ask you for a user name and password.

If you have never used it before your user name is U and then you employee number. Your number must be at least 6 numbers. If it is not....add a 0 in front of it. Example U067575.

Your password is the first 5 numbers of your social security number.
It will then ask you to change it.
If it doesn''t work then you will need to have it reset.

Hope this helps
I love those people who bring us The Hub. I actually came here, to US Aviation, hoping to get some help regarding the following log-on problem.
I logged on, apparently with a typo. Upon my second attempt, the damn thing responds,

"You cannot access your account because you have exceeded the limit of login attempts. Please contact your Security Administrator or Help Desk."

One try, that''s all I get? Isn''t that a bit harsh? What''s worse is, it would have been nice if the person that programmed that response thought a few steps further (as people who websites such as this should), and provided the appropriate phone number of the Help Desk.
Being an INTRAnet, many like myself are going to connect from home. And It''s near impossible to find a company phone book at work, so I certainly don''t have a copy of it at home.
If I can manage to jump through all the hoops someone has placed between me and the Hub, I might eventually log-on. Anyone have the Help Desk number handy that they could place here. Thanks.
I tried several times, too...and finally gave up...
There is a phone number ...but line was busy when
I tried....I did everything EXACTLY as asked for...

since I prob won''t use the positive space passes anyway
due to the TAX ramifications...I guess I won''t bother
to jump any more hurdles there...

It was back last aug or sept when I tried....
share your frustration....
Hey Olivia..You''re right the "reject" page used to give a phone number but it seems they replaced it with another, new and not-improved page which still states the need to call the help desk but it doesn''t include the number! Most helpful, don''t you think?
Anyway, I''m writing you to ask a favor. I''m on vacation and don''t even have a way of getting the number through another source such as SABRE. If by chance you are able and think of it, would you mind if while you''re at work, looking up the phone number for the help desk and sending it to me or including it here as a "reply" message? I''d appreciate it and will check this site while I''m off in case you can do this for me. In case you''re not sure where to locate the phone number in SABRE, it should be available at this location:
Just call the 800-327-0117 and follow the prompts. That is what I had to do to get my password reset. I believe it will just say for SABRE, but that is the one to use.

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