The Obama administration supports discrimination when it comes to college admissions

Maybe the kid spent the night before looking through the trash finding stuff to put together for the project by herself with no help from her parent who had to work 3 jobs different shifts.

While the other kid had her parents take her to home depot after work to buy the great stuff needed to make a really cool project that looked better than Timmy's down the street.

Agreed, but where do you stop? Right now they are setting it up so some people graduating high school actually have a high school education, and others graduating high school have a 7th grade education. Yet when it comes time to go to college they are now saying that both those cases are equally qualified?

Most of this mess can be blamed on parents. Too many entitlement people out there that figure its somebody elses job to raise their children. The simple fact that "Baby mamma and baby daddy" has become a normal term in our society should scare the crap out of us as a whole.

I have no problem with assisting children born to entitlement parents in reaching their full potential. But what we are doing is not that, what we are doing with this current crap is teaching them its ok to be a slacker, since no matter how little you do you will get the same grades and options that the hard working people do.

Which one of these two people do you want running your nuke plants, flying your airplanes, engineering your skyscrapers and bridges? the one that puts in the effort or the one that was taught all his life its ok to do just enough to get by?
Just pointing and laughing.

As am I, because why would I want to let your lower lifeform know who was involved in that suit and why WE won. Your liberal institutions might come back to haunt the person involved, because it was one of those WE GIVE UP BUT YOU SHUT UP but don't go public-type of deals?

Just so you know, if I am ever involved in an affirmative action or retard protection lawsuit, I HAVE THE MEANS TO FILE A REVERSE DISCRIMENATION lawsuit with lawyers and judges on my side. Care to try me?

In the mean time throw the luggage at Philadelphia for US Airways along with the bloods and crypts or whatever gangsta you belong to!!! :p :p :p :p
You can point and laugh while looking in the mirror if you want.

Doesn't mean the rest of us will stop pointing and laughing at you.
You can point and laugh while looking in the mirror if you want.

Doesn't mean the rest of us will stop pointing and laughing at you.

I don't point and laugh at anyone's opinion. I disagree with a great many posts here, but pointing and laughing I'll leave to others. We can all disagree but I try not to be disagreeable as do others.
Since the SIGNALS expirament is about to close...

My truth offends those who can't handle it. Prove ME wrong rather than demanding facts that may lead to counter-lawsuits. Bottom line, doggie, you are my fire hydrant :p :p :p and I salute you by raising my leg...see Rush Signals Album Cover.

This will serve as my demise and rising.

Wait for it...