The Obama administration supports discrimination when it comes to college admissions

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Or hire a hacker.

A hacker...I like it.

There's this guy in London we'll give him a choice of Pubs near LGW..It's a code that pilots who fly really big airplanes use, but who cares. We use our passes and enjoy our time in First Class. I've done it.

Back to the hacker.....Assange
I hear he has cabin fever and wants a date. He prefers Swedish girls....or boys....
after hanging out in a embassy of a banana repuplic, similar to the one in Venezuala,
he just wants a pint and a good converstation. Like a 330 International Captain based in Philly or Charlotte.

I have an idea.....
Let's go to the UK, invite Assange out for a pint, offer him a Swedish treat. We pay the tab with the $50,000 reward money from The Schnitt Show and start another thread on airline forums about our journey.

Are you in, Dawg?

I'm expecting a one liner...give me your best shot.