The real story the mainstream media won't print!

Aug 20, 2002
It is Scary, Really Really SCARY, to think that 40% of the people of this country are soooooooooooo easily fooled, by the GOP and their STAR nominee. There is WITHOUT question a HUGE Intellectual divide in the 'good ol' USA. MORE than I ever believed possible. It's SCARY and SAD. Anyone want to make some fast cash ? Start buying stock $$$$ in Gun Makers, Ammo makers and those 'prepper' company's. You'll make a 'killing' ($$$), because of real KILLINGS that are very visible in the rear view mirror ! ! I'm seriously considering of moving to Washington state (SEA), very near the ' B C ' Border. This F'n country is dangerously close to being unrepairable !


Aug 29, 2007
This F'n country is dangerously close to being unrepairable !

well you're right about that only problem is it' liberals like you that have made it that way. You're all gaga over the possibility of electing the most corrupt person ever to hold the office by far.Think all that wikileaks stuff is bad? actually you're probably clueless enough it doesnt phase you at all.
Then wait to you see it in action if the crook wins