there is one known way out of a 6.5 year CBA: lose your union


Aug 20, 2002
after you get your CBA, vote out your union. Then there remains no CBA. Then vote in another union in one year and after the company emerges from bankruptcy with $billions of loan guarantees, your negotiations power increases.
Further, the process of mediation could drag on for 4 years before a colling off period, but it would be a 6 year head start
If the IAM doesn''t get the mechanics any better of a deal, then the CBA won''t have any stock in itself because even non-union mechanics will be making more, and there are no protections.
Dave risk losing even an imposed CBA if he cuts deeper. Once the company emerges from BK with $billion dollars from the government, a CBA would be dropped with a decert.
Not surprisingly, this is what is being passed around by some mechanics who support AMFA. Interesting.