They wouldn't lie to you... would they?

Ken MacTiernan

Aug 12, 2003
San Diego CA
I would like to pose a few questions to the twu supporters who insist that the industrial twu is a better union than the craft AMFA.

The twu can not defend their structure and unaccountable ways. All they can do is attempt to deflect attention from their sell out officers and concessionary contracts.


Did any twu atd dues paying member at AA get a ballot for don videtich's new position?

Question 2:

Did any twu atd dues paying member at AA get a ballot for bobby "lower your expectations" gless's new position on working on twu atd concerns?

Question 3:

The twu claimed there was a twu card drive at Southwest Airlines. How is that card drive developing? Will there be a filing with the NMB any time soon? Or was the twu lying to the twu atd dues paying member at AA?
I got my ballot and voted for these hard working individuals to further represent us in these trying times. :lol: What? Ken you did not get your ballot in the mail? I got mine. :p

The TWU card drive at SWA is all wrapped up. The TWU will be filing Tuesday morning after the long holiday weekend. Ken did you miss the memo again?
:huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: