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Aug 20, 2002
I hope the YOU was a collective YOU and not a YOU directed at the 3 of us!! LOL Cause lord knows my fares ain''t cheap. My boss reminds me often. Anyway, I have emailed Dave. And it''s always the same response to that question about fares. "We are grateful you took the time to express your views. We understand your concerns. Thank you."

It''s so canned, I just laugh.

They don''t care, they don''t get it. They won''t be around long.
Here is an idea. Tell Dave and his buddies his problem with his fare structure I have long thought it was all screwed up, But I can tell you people fly on the cheapest seat they can find and the airlines make it up in the markets they monopolize it is has always been that way. Anyway here is Dave’s email please let us know if you get a bite.
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yes they sugar coat everything to the public and the employee''s get poo poo''d upon..

They don''t care-EVERYONE KNOWS THAT>>

I''m hearing psgr feedback of new hires in irregular ops situation.

What comes out of their mouths..

Folks the senior agents exited in June and US got what they''ve paid for>