Toxic Bush/Obama Syndrome?


Oct 29, 2002
Little political de ja vu?
Maybe Hillary will wear that green dress again?
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Raleigh Wednesday, but the two other Democrats at the top of North Carolina’s ballot won’t be joining her.
Attorney General Roy Cooper, who’s running for governor, and U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross both can’t make it to the event at the State Fairgrounds, their campaigns said Tuesday.
Cooper “won’t be there tomorrow but he looks forward to campaigning with her in the future and talking about how harmful the Trump/McCrory agenda is for North Carolina,” campaign spokesman Ford Porter said.
Ross has a community event scheduled at the same time and didn’t want to cancel it, spokesman Cole Leiter said. “She chose to keep her prior commitment in High Point and won’t be able to make Hillary’s rally in Raleigh, but she will be sending her staff and supporters,” he said.
Same thing happened to Dubya and the Obama , lol
Crinton Cooties  
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