Trial Committee?


Dec 28, 2003
According to amfa's constitution:
In the event the President and Vice President are involved in charges, the next ranking Officer shall appoint the trial committee. For the purpose of this Article, the line of succession shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer, Safety & Standards Chairman, and the most senior Airline Representative.

Whenever charges have been preferred against a member, that Local President shall appoint a trial committee of not less than five (5) members who are in good standing, one (1) of whom shall act as Chairman and one (1) to act as Secretary. The trial committee shall conduct an investigation of the charges to decide if there is sufficient substance to warrant a trial. If the committee decides a trial is warranted, the committee shall, within seven (7) days (calendar), notify the member of the charges arid when and where to appear for trial. The trial shall not be set for less than two (2) weeks after notification to allow the accused ample time to prepare his defense; however, a member by written request shall be granted up to a thirty (30) day postponement. If a member fails to appear for trial when notified to do so, the trial shall proceed as though the member were in fact present. The only exception to this rule shall be in the case where the accused member is hospitalized under the orders of a physician, in which case the trial may be postponed until thirty (30) days after the accused is discharged from said hospital.

I thought you stated it was much more democratic than the TWU. The TWU holds a trial ASAP, no trial committee. With amfa they have the ability to get their friends off any trial through the committee's decision.
You are damn liar, the TWU had a trial committee at my Kangaroo Court Hearing. And to top that they even used biased Local Officers as committee members in direct violation of the TWU Constitution.

As for the charges, the Executive Board reviews the charges in the TWU and decides if a Trial will even happen, and "friends" can slip through that crack also. In fact, there are still many charges and a trial pending because the member in question was on leave for Military Duty. The charges were tabled about two or three years ago, and that member has since returned and deployed once again, but NO trail has ever been held. What's up with that Calvin? Can you explain that? You appear all blue in the face, and your eyes are crossed in your avatar picture, is there a reason for that? Are you even paying attention to your own union affairs? Should we sue the TWU for not treating everyone equal? No we will just replace them instead.
Here is proof of the TWU "TRIAL COMMITTEE"!

With AMFA the members can remove, either through recall or regular election any officer who abuses, or even who the members feel abuses, their power. In the TWU the members never get to vote on International officers who can remove any elected Local officer.

There is a big difference there. AMFA is democratic and accountable to the members, while the TWU International is autocratic and unaccountable. Chuck Schalk was removed from office simply upon the basis that he would not put his signature to a letter that the International wrote in his behalf. The International addressed the letter to the membership from Chuck Schalk. He was removed because he refused to let the International speak through him and represent the Internationals opinions as his own. Is that what you consider democratic? A President being forced, upon the theat of expulsion, to say what the International directs him to say?
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From NWA ,but what would they know about amfa?

The saga of amfa's broken promises continue...

Amfa continued its version of "democracy" recently when it violated its own constitution by appointing, then "removing" a representative. Locally, it has been known as The Story of Gabe.

Gabe worked in the welding shop and has served as an IAM steward in his area and also as an amfa representative. By all accounts, Gabe is truly a honorable rep. He wants the best for his group, and even TRIED to give amfa his services!

This all started a few weeks ago when there was a vacancy on the Building B shop committee. The vacancy was caused when our Airline Rep., Michael Young, decided he couldn't handle grievances while negotiating. So, per the amfa LL33 bylaws, he selected an assistant to hold the step two's. The person he selected was Bill Reise. Now is where it starts getting dirty. Bill, you see, has never, EVER, served the membership in any form. Now Bill, who doesn't even know our contract, is supposed to be interpreting language negotiated for more than 52 years for the entire station at MSP. This doesn't let the other stations off see Bill could very easily set interpretation precedents that could be far reaching.

Anyways, Bill Reise, who doesn't know our amfa bylaws either, took it upon himself to appoint his own replacement as Michael Young did......thus, Gabe! Anyway, fortunately for us the LEC gave Gabe the position in writing. A letter signed by Steve McFarlane himself.

But it gets worse. Steve McFarlane, LL33 President, and the entire LL33 LEC approved Bill's appointment! Guess they couldn't read the amfa by-laws either. The bylaws call for membership approval. Hey, aren't they running the Local amfa Lodge here?

However, trouble started for Spanky and the LL 33 LEC in the following days. It seems so many sour A&P's called the LL33 to complain that Gabe was not a "licensed" mechanic, and therefore should not be able to represent them that Spanky and the rest of the LEC hastily decided that he "must" be removed. They did it too. Fortunately for us we have another letter put out by amfa documenting this also.

As soon as word of this hit the floor amfa supporters started to criticize Gabe. They tried to discredit him and his service to this membership by starting rumors. They tried to say he was only interested in the position because it would take him to day shift. Wrong. Gabe could hold days almost anywhere now. Look, he bid to day shift a week after this disaster. By the way, did you know that the manager where he bid to tried to disqualify him before he even got there because he didn't have an A&P? Funny how the company and amfa think so much alike, isn't it?

On a sad note, the only legitimate member of the shop committee Rollie Balthazor, was so troubled by the amfa leaderships decision that he resigned that very same day.

Quick change the subject quickly because you are losing on the topic you opened the thread under.
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  • #8 lied, what you say doesn't count anymore, so zippit!
Calvin said:
Did your lips move?
Yep, that's what I thought.

You best you go get another alias and start over, you have destroyed the credibility of this alias just as you have the others you appear here with.
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Is this the first time you are wrong? Was I the one who stated the lie? You dave were the one who bragged the charter was coming soon, remember?Integrity, I'm surprised you know how to spell it. And finally, I'm not Drippy, but I know who is!
Congratulations Calvin, now that you know who Drippy is, I believe I will start paying dues again and request that I have my representational election card returned. You win!
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Hey Buck, this may come as a shock but we don't really care what road you decide to travel in life. Your lack of dues paying is not at the top of the agenda today, I know, this puts a strain on your ego, sorry.
My ego or the lack thereof has nothing to do with this drive to replace the TWU.
And I know you are sorry.