Tucker Carlson interviews Vladimir Putin.

Do you think he will just stop at Ukraine?

Yes. He never would have taken Crimea in the first place if there hadn’t been an uprising against Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. And Zalenski seeking admittance into NATO sealed the invasion. Putin is not Adolph Hitler and the Russian people have not been humiliated by the fall of the USSR as Germany was in the treaty of Versailles.

If Ukraine doesn’t sue for peace Putin will keep up his hard press. Putin won’t give back that land now, that’s done. But I believe he would end the assault with new assurances that Ukraine “could not” become a NATO member and they would further need to disarm.

The more Ukraine pushes the more chance that Putin will invade Odessa and then Ukraine as a Nation will be in even greater trouble.

FYI Russia does not have the resources or will of its people to invade Europe. Even the notion alone is stupid. Obama himself called them nothing more than a regional power remember.
Russia will have to continue fighting Ukraine until it takes Kiev and the coastal city of Odessa, former President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed. Both cities have “Russian roots” but are being run by US-led enemies of Moscow, meaning they present an existential threat, according to the senior official, who currently serves as deputy head of Russia’s National Security Council.


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