UAL Flight Atendant Interviews/training


Aug 21, 2003
Have you been to or know someone who has been to a UAL f/a interview?

I have a friend going to an interview next week. He is being sent to Washington D.C. for his interview with a company UAL hired to conduct the interviews.

He is wondering why not Chicago? He has a friend who went to interview in Chicgo and is now ready to go to training later this month with a base assignment of IAD.

What happens at this next interview? Are you given an offer of training then and there or is there another interview?

When do you/do you go to medical?

Is it true that former/current airline people (he is) are being given priority?

Thanks for any info.
I would assume after the 2nd interview and an offer is extended you would be moved into the training pool and they would draw you out as needed...

This is just speculation, so if anyone out there has and good info on the process I would be interested in that as well.
Your questions:

He is wondering why not Chicago? He has a friend who went to interview in Chicago and is now ready to go to training later this month with a base assignment of IAD.

**** Shortly before the holidays, in order to expedite the process, Spherion (the firm United hired for recruiting) moved some resources to Chicago to compress time lines. Your friend's experience is more what is planned for the future: for Washington, initial screening in Washington. Only if he passes that will he go to WHQ (in Chicago) for a second (and third) interview.

What happens at this next interview? Are you given an offer of training then and there or is there another interview?

**** First there is a group interview. If successful, the applicant goes on to a one-on-one. If successful in this 3rd round, a job offer will be made contingent upon successfully passing both a background check and a medical screening.

When do you go to medical?

**** If sent on after the offer is made for medical screening, the applicant will usually be offered a choice of locations. There is a vendor in Washington providing screenings, but the same vendor has other locations, too.

Is it true that former/current airline people are being given priority?

If you were represented by AFA and are either furloughed or your carrier went out of business, a letter of agreement with AFA provides you for some sort of priority, although I'm not sure how that is being applied.

Hope that helps ---- good luck to your friend!
The interview will consist of three steps as mentioned above. So you'll know if you got the job during that same day. The recruiter will tell the group as a whole that you will be notified of what the decesion is in about a week but thats a lie to throw of the interviewees. So at anytime you are asked to leave the group thats not a good sign!
Anybody have any details and possible suggestions for successful completion of the 2nd and 3rd set of interviews that are conducted at WHQ?
The second part of the interview is one on one. Just be yourself and if you are passionate about the job it will show through. Be confident when answering the questions they ask. It's just like any other job interview. It's nothing to get nervous about. The 3rd part is basically your medical either pass it or not.
I am so excited I have been offered the opportunity to train and hopefully work for United being based in Denver, where I live. I will have to resign/retire from any recall of the airline I am currently with, but to be based in Denver is an absolute dream.
My questions are:
1) What are the hardest parts of training?

2) Can I lose my Denver Domicile assigment?
A) What would my options be then?

3) How many F/A are in DEN?

4) How many of the 2,000 new hires have been hired? How many will be below me?

5) Any other helpful information would be appreciated.

Thank you for your help and advise.
Congratulations! I'm in management and haven't been through the training but know cetain things about it. There are lots of F/A trainees who post on, though, if my answers don't give you enough info.

The hardest part of training is the TK (technical knowledge) portion. That is trained and tested over 8 days at the ORDTK facility at the airport. There are frequent tests outside of TK though, too - and don't be late for class or miss a bus, as dependability is very, very important.

If you have already been placed into a Denver class and passed both interviews and medical and have your passport ready etc then you would only lose your spot in the DEN class if your background check is not clean.

I will have to look up the DEN domicile size tomorrow. I think it is about 1200 but am not sure. There are 2 classes going into DEN. About 1200 F/As have been hired so far this year, over 900 AFA-represented F/As in the U.S. and 250 not represented by AFA who are local to SIN or BKK. I think we will end the year at about 1600 - we will have extended offers to about 2000 but there has been some attrition prior to training and also within training.

So anyone in a class after yours is "behind" you, and we hope to keep hiring and add about 1000 more in 2007 as well.
Thank you Seajay for your reply. It is always best to be informed and prepared. I look forward to joining your company.
I would like to know how much money the average first year UAL f/a makes each month. If you are on reserve, how much can you fly? Are you allowed to give up your days off for extra money? I am interviewing with UAL in October and any information you have would be helpful. Thanks.
My two cents worth of advice... (Hey, you get what you pay for. :p )

At some point in the interview process, you will be asked, "Why do you want to be a flight attendant?"

Do not, repeat DO NOT, respond with "I just want to work with people." :lol: This will guarantee that you will not be hired.

Unless, you are a professional hermit, ANY job you do involves working with people.
Does anyone have any inside of the group interview. I have a friend going next week and she feels that she doesnt know how to be in it without going overboard. Any advice for her. Thanks