United''s rapsody in blues - 4 parts

As the Bible states: There is nothing new under the Sun.

We all know this story, and frankly I find it fascinating. I''m not arguing with you here Chip, but what are you trying to prove by posting this? The folks at UAL know this story like the backs of their hands.

P.S. Did you know that a Denver paper published a similar four-part article a couple of months ago?

What''s your purpose here? Everyone at UAL knows the complete story. Even the one that does not get edited by a newspaper. So again, what is your purpose posting the UAL story to UAL. I guess I could better understand your purpose if you posted the links on the US, AMR, NW, DAL, CAL boards. How about LUV and Jet Blue?
The story opens old wounds. It is that simple. I still find it an interesting read. A lot of the inside detail I knew nothing about.
Hard Landing is another good read.

Airlines have always operated in a feast or famine mode.

On any given flight, costs change, by the amount of seats sold.
If every seat and every plane went out full each day, it would be easy to determine a fair price for a ticket.
Even then, greed would probably still kick in and people still wouldn''t be happy.

I don''t think any airline will ever fill up every plane, even if we have rain for 40 days and nights.

It is just the nature of this business.