USAirways no longer to be 24 Hr Res office...even for Preferred and Chp Mbrs.....


Aug 20, 2002
It''s really sad to think of the disservice this will cause our passengers..especially with weather situations that may occur, also just for those with last minute travel plans and emergency situations, also the Internatinal travellers...not to mention the calls we get from Preferred Members and Chairmans Members late in the evening ..not to mention the West Coast travellers ..Our new hours will be lets hope you don''t need assistance in between or you''ll on your own...maybe someone in management will see this is unrealistic...maybe things will change...
Lets not forget that their spanish desk is located in Orlando and is constantly busy. If they use the language line to handle the calls it will cost them a fortune. Rumor has it that after they close MCO Dave will reopen a office hiring new agts off the streets at a much lower pay rate.
Piney Bob, I enjoy your insightful posts especially from a customers point of view. I work in International res in INT. The new hours are true. I come in at 6am and lately, since the furloughs, with the second batch to come on Dec 6th, the overnight res agents have been extremely busy. The company expects pax to go to the web..which in some cases is useless, as in weather reacommodation. The ATO's early morning shifts will be hindered as customers will not be able to call in and book protection for delay/cancelled flts, etc. Not a smart move for sure.
Did people forgot that the company might try to use the DOT.COM (Milton) agents to take the overnight calls? Don't put it past the company to use this as another way to outsource the res jobs...just look at the latest company proposal.
As of now there is no "dot com" office. If and when it comes to be, how long will it take to train the new $7.00 an hour agents? If they can find any that will take the stress? I feel sorry for my International pax who are flying into Europe with US and when their flight is cancelled or delayed, they will have to be on hold forever to get through to an international agent trained in Inter-European protection and reaccom. Also, if we do not open until 5am, the hold time will be terrible, as we have many top tier pax calling in the early morning for upgrades. Another inconvienence for pax. We agents that value customer service are continually appalled at the way we are being told to handle our pax. Get them on the phone, get a CC nbr or let them go. As an old Piedmont employee it goes against the grain.
I agree it just doesn't make sense....does upper management realize how busy it has been after midnight...the world has changed to be competitive we need to have something to offer.

I Just think this is a mistake, one that will cost us revenue...if we don't answer the customer will dial another airline...I would.

Does any other real airline operate without a 24 hour res operation? NO

FYI United will be file next week. This will be a topic at Tuesday's BOD meeting.

On 12/2/2002 10:41:39 AM Pacemaker wrote:

"IS this 5AM to Midnight EST for real?? What does this do to the PAX out west..."

What PAX out west?


I've gotten on/off a US aircraft at SEA, SFO, and LAX more than 25 times so far this year. I'm sure, based on the load factors of the flights I've been on, that I'm not alone. If a redeye cancelles MX or the like, it's going to make for loooooooooong lines at the ATOs and lots of refunds--normally, I'd just call the CP desk and have them reaccomodate me with somebody else....

Nevermind the large base of UA FFs in CA that might want to travel east on code-shared flights.

Then you have Europe. How many of the Westbound flights from Europe leave before 5am? The absolute last thing I want to deal with is trying to get help from the contract staff in places like CDG or MUC.
"IS this 5AM to Midnight EST for real?? What does this do to the PAX out west..."

What PAX out west?