US Airways Appoints Chief Operating Officer

BUT...remember that Doug Parker was the one brought in to change around the operations...AND HE DID IN A BIG WAY....and look what we have now

Parker today is more a deal maker than an ops guy. He and his team were so busy patting themselves on the back for the merger and so busy eyeballing bigger fish (DELTA) that they simply took their eye off the airline ops ball and no one has been running the airline.

An airline operation has to be managed every minute every day....who has been doing that the past year? Kirby?
Most recently, she served as managing director, employee

What the hell?!

I work at NW, and I've never heard of this position!

As for Isom, I never heard too much about him....I know he took over for Dirk McMahon when he left NWA. This is also his 2nd turn through your system as he went from NWA to HP then to NWA and is now back at US...

Sorry I can't shed a little more light on these guys for you all...
Just keep sending in those cards and letters.Now our top 3 have someone to ask questions too.Hey welcome aboard our rocking ship.
At least Anthony is retiring.Damn glad he got the PHL bag problem solved like Doug said he did. :down: :down: :down:

Where's Waldo? By all appearances it looks like we may have found him at US Airways! :D
That is probably the best news. Mule might of been a great guy and for 11 years had a handle on America West customer service but I don't think he was the man for the job combining the in point....res migration.
And another of his bright moments . . . promoting Sherry Shamblin! That enough is reason for "retirement"
I actually believe Bob coming over could be a good thing. I found him to be a competent executive at NW. Certainly a thousand percent improvement over Dirk McMahon whom he succeeded at NW. I will warn everyone though, he is a straight shooter, he will tell it like it is no matter how bad it is. He won't sugar coat things and won't take excuses. Of course since I feel this is exactly hat US needs right now I feel he will be a positive influence on US. Now, Kerry I never met and no nothing about her so you'll have to just get to know her. It was never outright said, but I always felt the current NW mismanagement is why Bob moved on so consider this another warning to Tempe he won't accept your excuses either.
Kerry is from NW also. She will most probably be Isoms right hand woman. Have not heard much negatism regarding both, actually quite the contrary.

Once they drink the Kool-aid and start the stepford stare we will have to worry. We all know that won't take too long.
seems like a step in the right direction.....
so the ops and customer service VPs come from Northwest??...interesting
Smart to bring in people with international is much needed.

Hope Kirby and Parker learned a lesson from all this and allow these new execs some latitude to make changes.

I wouldn't hold out much hope. NorthWest isn't exactly a model of good customer service - they didn't earn the nickname of "NorthWorst" because they have good service!
Heaven help us. Looks like Zoomie, Jr. Since Scott has less duties, is this his last chance to successfully manage what's left of his job? Screw up move up. Sounds about right.

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