Using code


Aug 20, 2002
It''s been forever since I''ve posted; have gotten a little rusty on using the code (if indeed that is what it if called)... you know, where the letter Q in brackets will show up as a quote once posted, and the letter Q preceded by a slash and surrounded with brackets will indicate the end.
I''ve just posted a link in the UA forum (NY Times article 10/6) and I would like to have the address I''ve posted be a link instead of a line which one would have to paste..Please remind me what to use...
Would be nice to have a glossary somewhere for this kind of thing.
me again

I've now noticed your FAQ page and see HTML is not allowed. You do mention, however certain Ideal BB code can be used. What are these codes? Are links not encouraged? What's up?
[P]Yeo, [/P]
[P]When you are posting a thread, click on the RICH TEXT button. This selection creates a tool bar that has an option to post links. (A chain link with a green sphere)[/P]