"wanted"- Fsc's, $2000 A Week, 2 Days Off

Aug 20, 2002
It has been brought to my attention(My source is IMPECCABLE) that a certain LARGE northeast NON hub AA city, has $$$ money to give away, and they can't GIVE IT ALL AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!

While this involves US mail, this IS NOT something that just happened yesterday.
This has been going on for many months.

Fsc's are being offered 4-6 hours early call-in, PLUS HOLDOVER, "EVERY DAY" !!!

(Lets do the math for FSC John or Mary Smith)

40 hrs X $20. = $800.00
20 hrs X $30. = $600.00
30 hrs X $40. = $600.00

That total is for "5" days work !!!! Work "6" or "7" days a week, Well you do the math.

No one is suggesting that "John/Mary" are not working very hard, QUITE the contrary. (Winter Wx. etc, this is not MIA/SJU)

When this mail gets up to the line, there is NO guarentee that it leaves the station, " EVEN WITH PHONEY BRAKE RELEASE OUT TIMES"!!!!!!!!!! (THANX APA)

Where in GODS name, does AA come up with these "so called" Managers ??????

Believe it or not, I'm not refering(this time), to local managers, but to Division managers, on up. You've got to figure that when Local Management goes down to the "mother ship'(Fall Conference) to get a new "CHIP IMPLANT", that they are making the "bigger cheese's" aware of a situation like this.

What I'd LOVE to know is, What are "they" getting for ANSWERS ????????????


Oh, did I mention that the $2K a week, is at a " -16.5%" rate
How exactly is mail involved? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to predict mail volume? Maybe there is more to it than management being stupid.