Well....this is gonna screw up his retirement


Aug 20, 2002
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Twitter stock cratered as much as 12.3% Monday morning, in the first trading session since the social media company permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s account. The stock recouped some of those losses in early afternoon trading, when it was down almost 5%.
Yep. Then it closed up a penny on the day.. I kinda wish I could have bought some at the low....a 12.3% return for a day ain't bad.
Not surprised who seems to be supporting corporate censorship and silencing of the opposition.

Also, don't be surprised when nobody is there to support you when it's your turn...
Funny how you have such an issue about comments made on twitter by one man but ignore the fact that the MSM lies their ass off as they pump propaganda into the homes of Americans every night. You accuse Trump of inciting riots but I have never heard you not one time criticize the MSM for lies they propagated that started the "Ferguson Riots", of course they call it "unrest". The MSM has caused more riots and death than Trump ever could. Where is your criticism for them you hypocritical clown?

I also find it odd you support a tech company taking it upon themselves to censor and censure American citizens. I suppose next they will be rewriting our history books with your blessing.