What's with the NFL?


Aug 19, 2002
Puget Sound
Could the NFL have any more issues? Players beating their wives and children, on trial for murder, deflating their balls, and grabbing their balls. Please stop this madness. What happened to the game?
Seatacus said:
Please stop this madness. What happened to the game?
Why are the Kardashians and Paris Hilton famous despite being no talent hacks?
The answer is the same for both questions.
Why you are busy watching the "conspiracy" of deflated footballs or watching people make fools of themselves they are busy hammering you with advertising.
If you want to stop the madness turn off the damn TV and stop buying stupid celebrity magazines. 
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Glenn Quagmire said:
Yeah, because real grown ups like fa la la play video games instead of watching stupid TV.
I have never been a big fan of professional sports.  It has always seemed about the money.  I cannot for the life of me understand why people do not seem to have an issue with a football player making $20 million plus.  I refuse to support it with a single penny of my money.  Jerry World here in DFW wants $70 or so just to park a freaking car.  Another $100 plus for a ticket and that is if I want to stand for a 4 hour game. According to this site the avergae cot of 4 people to go to a Cowboys game is over $600.  That's nuts.