Where''s the Frontier Airlines forum?


Aug 19, 2002
They''re the 18th largest carrier in the US. C''mon.............
They''re about to start service to Mexico.
They deserve their own board. Or at least bring back the Low-Fare carriers board, so users can post Frontier topics their. A seperate board would be more fair since AirTran, Alaska, JetBlue each got their own boards.
Just a friendly suggestion.....
No response to the thread in a day. Maybe that answers why there isnt a Frontier board. [:bigsmile:] Get those Frontier people in Denver to start posting !!!
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Post where? That's the problem

There is no forum to talk about Frontier.
I'll make you guys a deal....when we see Frontier topics frequent the Regional and National's forum....we will build a specific forum. We are very pleased with the way the jetBlue and airtran forums have developed...we would happily do the same for Frontier when we see the need. As always, we want to keep you coming back -- so tell Frontier people about the site and we'll do it. [;)]
On 8/26/2002 8:57:01 PM

Post where? That's the problem

There is no forum to talk about Frontier.

There IS a forum for Frontier. Its the Regional and National Forum Board. There are lots of posts there discussing the various smaller carriers. Mesa/Midwest Express/National/Southeast/Pinncale/ATA/ACA/Freedom Air/Spirit/and Frontier!
I think that would be an excellent place for this to get some more posts for Frontier. Moving to the Regional and National Board. Remember get those DEN Frontier people posting!

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