White house says things not that bad.

Tim Nelson

Jan 5, 2003
Corporate greed has killed most political support for airlines. Certainly Bush is not to be blamed when the airlines have shockingly put forth big bonus'' to its executives in the midst of Bankruptcy.
I mean, when US AIRWAYS dumps millions into top executives only days before bk, it doesn''t indicate to the general public that our company, including Seigel is sincere or worthy of my money as a taxpayer. There are no excuses for it and the business as usual scandalous approach of saying, "Help, Police, Murder" will net only token support on Capitol Hill.

Ari says fuel prices are down,psgr traffic
did''nt drop as much as forecast.Maybe airlines
don''t need that much help.

Hey, if Ari needs a job after the White House gig
he could be my union spokesman...
AMEN AMEN!! Thats what U get for putting THEM in the white house..What did u expect!!LABOR FREINDLY the aint !!!
OOPS...should have checked spelling, but well U get the point. GO DEMS in 2004!
About a week and a half ago the Whitehouse said in a press release that the recession was over.