Why does usairways.com suck so badly???

I thought I read here a while ago that they are planning to upgrade the site? Anyone know if this is true? -Cape

It''s really important to listen to your customers when they have valid complaints -- especially highly loyal customers like ITRADE and PineyBob. One of the axioms of customer service is that for every customer who complains, there are several who say nothing and simply choose your competitor next time.

Like it or not, the company''s web site is one of its principal distribution methods for its product -- and its role will only increase with time. For most, if not all, airlines, direct sales to the passenger over the web are hands-down the most cost-effective way of selling tickets. The airline doesn''t have to pay booking fees to a GDS, and salary and overhead for reservationists are reduced. I know some will argue that it''s an excuse to reduce headcount -- and it is -- but the reality is that self-service booking over the Internet is the future. Southwest sold half its tickets via southwest.com last year, and jetBlue sold two-thirds of its tickets on jetblue.com. (And that leads to the observation -- if only trailer trash fly Southwest, it''s amazing that 50% of that trailer trash is computer-literate enough to buy a plane ticket online!) Customers who are inclined to book online will simply use your competitor if your website does not work.

And I expect that most airlines have at least a few management types who troll the various Internet fora like this one, FlyerTalk, airwhiners.net, etc. It''s a way to get a handle on the mood of employees and passengers.