Will AA launch MIA-SEA?

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Aug 22, 2002
Now that Alaska launches Miami-Seattle on 21 November, will American Airlines follow? Past history this year would dictate yes, as American Airlines remains extremely protective of most of thier turf, from Boston-Seattle to JFK-Long Beach, Oakland, the the never-launched Ontario. However, AA is not as protective of thier domestic turf at MIA as they are at other airports, concentrating mainly on protecting thier international services. Any word or guesses MIA-SEA?
You probably have a better chance of seeing SEA - Tokyo.

If this codeshare thing turns out to be for real, I would look for AA to hook up with ALK. If that does happen, AA will now have all the ALK/Horizon feed that it needs in SEA to restart the SEA-NRT route.
Why would AA fly to MIA to SEA if they no longer fly SEA to NRT? That was the only reason for this flight. Alaska Air can feed their SEA hub up and down the west coast, especially Alaska. Their 737-700 flies only 60% of the load an AA 763 has. So with 75 passengers AS makes money and many pax will fly beyond SEA. Alaska is realy the west coast airline for North America and flies to the Mexican Beach resorts on the Pacific as well. They have reached a point where they have to move outside the west coast because there are no more cities to fly to.
Although NRT was a great feeder for SEA-MIA. We used to fly this route with 757 during the summer. I think everyone forgets about the connecting traffic in MIA. Even if we flew this with a 737 I think its a market that shouldn't be forgotten about. MIA is one of the top money makers for AA right now. We should protect ourselves from the likes of AS.
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