Will getting Sadam derail the TA passage?

Mar 2, 2003
The talking heads think Sadam may have been killed in today''s bombing. How will it effect us and our TA vote if before the vote is complete the outcome of the war is seen as certain and very soon. Fuel prices come down and people start to desire to take those summer vacations they thought they couldn''t take this year. Things in this world are changing so quickly that it makes you head spin. So should we lock ourselves into a six year contract? You tell me.
Well, an early end to the war will probably return the industry to its position of last summer, when it burned thru cash like no tomorrow. The war in Iraq has probably increased the daily cash burn closer to $10 million from the approximate $5 million prior to the war.

If you think AA is going to become cash flow positive without ratification of the TAs - then I think you''re dreaming.
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So will world events make fence riders decide to hold out hope that they can fight for less sweeping changes?