May 11, 2012
TO ALL WHO REMEMBER THE DAY WE GOT OUR A AND P LICENSE'S : Remember what you had to do to get those tickets? We all have different stories,some were in the military and gave up years of our lives and then years again either in school or working at FBOS first. We studied and got it done and then took lower paying jobs, many times to get in the doors of our beloved chosen profession. Then later to the airlines where we got to work again for starting pay and now midnights and rotating shifts and holidays too. We watched in horror as the other airlines failed but we continued to give up hard fought pay and benefits to stay in this profession that we love. Now it is our turn to be in this sham of a bankruptcy! In the days of old it was the Fuedal Lords and Rich land owners that would keep the good hard working people down and even take their very lives. It has not changed much except now they can not take our lives so they take our livelyhoods instead by sending jobs overseas and contracting work out to others who will not produce as quality a product and kill us slowly by continuing to take and take and take! Truely the greed that is in them has no end!

The TWU is just as corupt and greedy as the company and system master they serve,just look at their history of concesions that keep heads for their union dues but lower pay and benefits continue to fall! COMPARE THE TWO CONSTITUTIONS. Where does the money go? PLEASE BEFORE OUR PROFESION IS SIMPLY GONE,VOTE THIS BUNCH OF GREEDY CROOKS OFF OUR PROPERTY AND VOTE AMFA IN!!!!
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