Will StarAlliance fold into OneWorld?


Sep 22, 2002
FRANKFURT, Feb 6 (Reuters) - Deutsche Lufthansa AG [LHAG.DE] said on Thursday it would search for a new alliance partner if bankrupt United Airlines dropped out of the market, but the German carrier said it expected its U.S. peer to pull through.
Lufthansa Chief Executive Officer Juergen Weber told a conference in Frankfurt that United, a unit of UAL Corp (nyse: UAL - news - people), would make it through its restructuring process and reiterated the German airline would support its Star Alliance peer, a spokesman confirmed.
When pressed on what would happen if United did not make it, Weber said Lufthansa and the Star Alliance would search for a new partner, the spokesman said.
The Star Alliance is the world''s biggest airline network, with Lufthansa and United among its leading members.
Someone has been reading to many "chip posts." United isn't out yet. A loss for that group may come in the merger of AA code share partner TAM and Star member Varig. Hard to say who will be the surviving entity in that grouping.
No. * will not fold into 1 world. Check out the US Airways board. There will be some sort of a corporate transaction where US will take over UA's assets once UA goes chpt.7 and US will become the north american anchor / global powerhouse of * alliance.
I doubt that. SW doesn't even take interline luggage. I can't see them giving up even a smidgeon of the independence that's been so successful for them.

On 2/6/2003 8:40:16 PM FA Mikey wrote:

Someone has been reading to many "chip posts."

Yeah, man they're hilarious at times. You shoud read some yourself.
Lufthansa Rules Out Aid for United
Sunday February 16, 9:40 pm ET

SEOUL (Reuters) - Deutsche Lufthansa AG (XETRA:LHAG.DE - News) said on Monday it had no plan to provide bankrupt United Airlines with financial aid, although it was co-operating closely with its Star Alliance partner.

Lufthansa Chief Executive Officer Juergen Weber told Reuters that he expected United, a unit of UAL Corp (NYSE:UAL - News), would come out of its restructuring process strongly.

Asked whether the German carrier was considering financial aid for United, Weber said: "That's not our plan, but we are cooperating very closely."

He also said that operating profit last year was likely to meet Lufthansa's guidance target of 700-750 million euros, although the outlook for 2003 was uncertain because of a potential war in Iraq.