Will USAirways Survive?


Aug 19, 2002
I think USAirways has every chance of surviving. I think that restructuring the fleet...to eliminate the hodge-podge of types is a positive step. Ridding ourselves of un-realistic lease costs is another favorable aspect. Some things are going to be hard and bitter pills to swallow.....namely the decrease in employee salaries...and increased health costs to the employee's. We are not remotely alone in this need...and trend. USAirways will definately emerge a much smaller airline....but emerging is the only real issue at present. The industry as a whole...has a surplus of available seats. How any airline adjusts to the change of circumstance is going to be the determining factor. U's Chapter 11 issue does not render us , any less capable of surviving than any of the other larger full service airlines.....We actually may have a slight advantage by being the first to restructure?....and keep in mind the geographic region we serve and it's population density. Arguements to the contrary can be made.....but I happen to believe in our chances.
You mean YOU don't know the answer?

On 9/17/2002 1:36:35 AM wannabe CRJ driver wrote:

Does anybody here think that USAir will survive...and if it does,what kind of airline will it be?
Hmmmm. No. U will suffer a long slow demise similar to TWA. IMO.
If it does survive, U will be more of a regional than a major.
Absolutely will survive and grow after it shrinks. Everything Dave said so far he has done. He said the airline will get smaller before it gets bigger. That is what we are seeing right now. Dave is a very bright guy and will make this work one way or another. He isn't going to have a career failure at the age of 41.

Hang in there, U people. It will work out for us... well, at least those of us who make concessions. But that's another story. Yes, the company will survive.
Yes, I think U will survive. In fact, when Dave is finished polishing this old hound dog up in a year or so, she'll be the perfect feeder for one of the majors!

YES or NO, this is far from the end.
You can bet that today's vote will go a long way in determing whether US Airways has a chance at a future.
On 9/17/2002 12:33:52 PM UAL777flyer wrote:

You can bet that today's vote will go a long way in determing whether US Airways has a chance at a future.

We've had numerous employees from competing airlines come to the U board during this difficult time.Most attempted to incite and inflame the situation hoping to strip away any logic leaving only hatred and destruction among our members.We all know it's easier to destroy rather than build and these outsiders took advantage of this fact.
You on the other hand, even though from a competing airline promoted survival for our airline and employees.I want to thank you for your wisdom and sanity.
You can bet that today's vote will go a long way in determing whether US Airways has a chance at a future.

I agree

I was just talking to a fellow mechanic who has been downgraded to utility and you would think he was a yes vote given his position. Not true, he and many others feel that it really doesn't matter how you vote, all that's left from here is gloom and doom anyway. There is so much apathy in the ranks it's a wonder this airline can function. I see it, it's real and it will be very interesting just what the future holds for an afflicted U.

Thanks for the kind words. I have nothing but the highest respect and well wishes for you and your company. I sincerely hope you're able to turn things around. I've been in your shoes. I started at TWA in 1988 just when they were beginning their decline during the Icahn years. I finally saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship for UA in late 1999. I went through two bankruptcies at TWA and the pay/benefit cuts that resulted, as well as the poor management and low morale that eventually helped kill the company completely. So, many of my comments come from having gone through what you potentially face. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Here's hoping that when all the votes are counted today, that the majority of both groups will have voted in favor of the deals proposed. Because as painful as those deals are for all involved, you can bet that it will be much more painful for you if you vote them down. Good luck!