USAirways & Customer Service ???


Jan 4, 2003
In the nearly eighteen years I have worked for USAirways...I have seen the many changes. Over the past several days, with the NorthEast storms & customer frustrations of flying and reaching Rez & the Airport, it has come full circle.
I applaud Mr. Siegel for trying to turn USAirways around...yet at what cost ???
When I began my service in the airlines, there were 11 Rez centers to handle the public''s needs.Over the years..we are now down to 2 centers...and that is ~not enough~ anymore. Everyday...I see the toll it''s taken, in pushing the g.p. to go to, use the Kisoks, and the Fli-Fo avoid calling sales reps. We are human beings, not robots...and the public needs to understand that when requesting service & help. So...the next time you call, and it is a 10-20 wait...remember who made these decisions while you wait ...all in the interest of saving $$$...were told.
Remember folks...the airline business is like any get what you pay all reflects.In the end...I believe Mr. Siegel needs to hear your concerns...if USAirways is to survive & prosper. Feel free to write:
Mr.Dave Siegel, CEO : [email protected]
Signed, A Dedicated Agent
Bib, Very nice comment! Im assuming you didnt have to talk to an agent or check things on our web site during the last few days, it was nearly impossible. If you did and were successful great. We do appreciate comments like yours it is very rare today . Thanks for flying with US. WE do care>>>>
I experienced (yet again!) great Cus Svc from US reps during this snowstorm. My non-travel savy parents were "stranded" between RDU and CLT. Not because the weather HERE was bad but because they were trying to get out of RDU to DCA. They called me because they did not have access to a computer. I was able to access flight info for them via the website (no problems at all) and as soon as their flight cancelled I called the CP desk and they were immediately confirmed on a Tue. flight back to DCA. They arrived home SAFE. Safe is all you want in storm situations and they were grateful. They had nothing but kind words about the folks in CLT.
Bob--What you don't realize is that the agents you're talking to are the cream of the crop and very senior agents who get in trouble every time they spend a little time helping you or explaining things to an inexperienced flying person. 3 minutes is all you're allowed--according to sups. If you get exceptional good customer service please feel free to write a letter. They don't want the agents to do their job to please the customer--just minutes on call--so maybe lots of letters will help next time you call and someone will realize customer service is what's it's all about
Here's the irony of the situation. You send a complimentary letter--the agent is praised for your producing such a letter--then the agent is told, "you did a good job but----you took too long on the call and answered too many questions." It's okay though YOU make the agent feel good and they know they're doing the right thing.