Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Scott Walker’s Right-To-Work Law As Unconstitutional


Corn Field
Nov 11, 2003
I dont think they can change an existing law while its in the court system.
You're probably right. This is only a circuit court decision. It looks like it will be found to be in line with the state constitution on appeal based upon other states laws and appeals. They had to consider that when writing the law. If that failed, then the law could be amended.
Gov. Walker hasn't been defeated as much as labor wants it to be.
Paul Secunda, a law professor and director of the labor and employment law program at Marquette University Law School, said he found Foust’s legal theory supportable but added there is enough ambiguity in the law that the 5-2 conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court will likely overrule him.
“At this point the Wisconsin Supreme Court is clearly not inclined to engage in any kind of analysis that would lead to right-to-work laws being found unconstitutional,” Secunda said.

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals on Tuesday granted a stay of a Dane County Circuit judge’s decision to strike down the state’s right-to-work law, reinstating the law while an appeal is pending.

The order by the state District 3 Court of Appeals, based in Wausau, overrules a decision made earlier by Dane County Circuit Judge William Foust to not issue a stay of his own ruling throwing out the law on the grounds that the law unconstitutionally takes property from unions without compensation.

In issuing the stay, presiding Judge Lisa Stark said “we conclude the State has established there is sufficient likelihood of success on appeal to warrant the grant of the stay” and that the lower court erred in concluding unions would suffer harm if a stay were issued.
“We feel confident the law will ultimately be found constitutional, as it has been in more than half the States across the country,” said Koremenos.
Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Scott Walker’s Right-To-Work Law As Unconstitutional
From the HuffnPuff POST? Can it get anymore libtard? Little battles mean nothing, it's who wins the war. These morons can't let it rest in that state, so they are about to F#%K unions nationwide, but lemmings are too blind to see it. Want to focus on Wisconsin, huh, 700? Well Wisconsin isn't alone


So a STATE judge says DAMN THE REPUBLICANS! and you see this as a final chapter. Really? Isn't it going to be challenged and go to a FEDERAL level?

To make it short, within 5 years(TOPS) all 50 states will have legal Right To Work laws, because of a state judge in Wisconsin. Boy if they ever wanted to eliminate unions, unions are doing it to themselves.

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