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    Me and my other half were recently on a flight from Chicago to Philadelphia. However this was delayed at both ends of the flight due to taking on more fuel at Chicago and no parking space available at Philadelphia. This in turn meant we missed the connecting flight to the UK and so had to spend the night in the airport (no hotels available). We were booked on the next flight to the UK 24 hrs later.

    Would there be any chance of some compensation, and if so would I need to contact the airline or some other route.
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    Doubt it. Taking on more fuel is a logistical decision (usually made by the Pilot-in-Command). He or she will make that decision only when conditions(weather, airport congestion, baggage/freight load, etc.) indicate that the flight gate to gate will require more than usual amounts of fuel. You really don't want to make 80% of the flight, then run out of fuel (or be forced to land at Podunk, Indiana). No gate available at PHL is also a logistical issue. If an outbound flight has a mechanical issue that prevents it from leaving the gate or if the outbound flight needs to take on more fuel, there's not a whole lot that can be done to avoid the delay. Don't know about you, but if that airplane is going to leave the ground, I want all the parts working.

    Question: You indicate that this happened in the recent past. Why are you just now looking for compensation? The time for that is at the immediate end of the flight. You exit the aircraft and tell the agent at the podium that you wish to speak with a supervisor.

    There has been a rash of "individuals" all seeking compensation from American Airlines, but none from other airlines. Curious.

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