2,500+ Pilot Furloughs AMR

The associated press announced 2,500+ Pilot Furloughs at AMR if the new T/A is approved...What would be the Date of Hire for an AMR pilot at the bottom of that NEW senority list???
Have an old friend who hired around 1990. Is he safe from furlough?

How many pilot reductions since 9/11?
3,500 announced furloughs since 9/11, or about 24% of the total list. Original AA furloughees will go back to about Sep 99. Ex-TWA will go much farther back, however, 700 or so ex-TWA will still have jobs while original AA pilots are furloughed.

With airlines'' management objective to transfer most domestic flying to the commuter contracts, doubt if any of the furlougees are ever going back to major airline jobs.