33 Accomplishments by Hillary


Corn Field
Nov 11, 2003
Her first cause was children, fighting abuse, and chairing the Children's Defense Fund.

She began her career as a lawyer after graduating from Yale Law School in 1973.

following her career as a Congressional legal counsel; she was named the first female partner at Rose Law Firm in 1979 and was listed as one of the one hundred most influential lawyers in America in 1988 and 1991.

During 1974 she was a member of the Nixon impeachment inquiry staff in Washington D.C., advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal. She helped research procedures of impeachment and the historical grounds and standards for impeachment.

Hillary co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, a state-level alliance with the Children's Defense Fund, in 1977.

In late 1977, President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the board of directors of the Legal Services Corporation.

She was the First Lady of Arkansas from 1979 to 1981 and 1983 to 1992, and was active in a number of organizations concerned with the welfare of children, and was on the board of Wal-Mart and several other corporate boards.

Bill Clinton appointed her chair of the Rural Health Advisory Committee where she successfully obtained federal funds to expand medical facilities in Arkansas' poorest areas without affecting doctors' fees.

One of the most important initiatives of the entire Clinton governorship, she fought a prolonged but ultimately successful battle against the Arkansas Education Association to put mandatory teacher testing as well as state standards for curriculum and classroom size in place.

She introduced Arkansas' Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth in 1985, a program that helps parents work with their children in preschool preparedness and literacy.

As First Lady of the United States she took a very prominent role in public policy.

She was the initial first lady to hold a post-graduate degree and to have her own professional career up to the time of entering the White House. She was also the initial first lady to take up an office in the West Wing of the White House.

She fought hard for Universal Health Care as First Lady, although it wasn't successful, it's something she learned from.

She visited over 80 countries as First Lady giving important speeches, about such controversial topics as human rights/women's rights in China.

Her major initiative, the Clinton Health Care Plan, failed to gain approval by the Congress in 1994, but in 1997 she helped establish the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and the Adoption and Safe Families Act.

As a Senator and after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Hillary worked with her colleagues to secure the funds New York needed to recover and rebuild.

She fought to provide compensation to the families of the victims, grants for hard-hit small businesses, and health care for front line workers at Ground Zero.

She is the first New Yorker ever to serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

She has visited troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and in countless other locations, truly understanding the challenges facing our troops.

Hillary passed legislation to track the health status of our troops so that conditions like Gulf War Syndrome would no longer be misdiagnosed.

She is an original sponsor of legislation that expanded health benefits to members of the National Guard and Reserves and has been a strong critic of the Administration's handling of Iraq.

She has introduced legislation to tie Congressional salary increases to an increase in the minimum wage.

She has supported a variety of middle-class tax cuts, including marriage penalty relief, property tax relief, and reduction in the Alternative Minimum Tax, and supports fiscally responsible pay-as-you-go budget rules.

She helped pass legislation that encouraged investment to create jobs in struggling communities through the Renewal Communities program.

She authored legislation that has been enacted to improve quality and lower the cost of prescription drugs and to protect our food supply from bioterrorism.

She sponsored legislation to increase America's commitment to fighting the global HIV/AIDS crisis.

She has lead the fight for the expanded use of information technology in the health care system to decrease administrative costs, lower premiums, and reduce medical errors.

Clinton has successfully worked to ensure the safety of prescription drugs for children, with legislation now included in the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act.

She has also proposed expanding access to child care.

She has passed legislation that will bring more qualified teachers into classrooms and more outstanding principals to lead our schools.

Hillary is one of the original cosponsors of the Prevention First Act to increase access to family planning.

She fought with the Bush Administration and ensured that Plan B, an emergency contraceptive, will be available to millions of American women and will reduce the need for abortions.

She introduced the Count Every Vote Act of 2005 to ensure better protection of votes and to ensure that every vote is counted.

When Senator Clinton said she has been fighting for causes important to her for 35 yrs, she is VERY accurate. Her accomplishments are staggering. Those who are questioning her accomplishments, and the things she has fought for, should take a little history lesson.

You forgot that she made a lot of money trading beef and teaching everyone how to back date options well before anyone else figured it out.
While you discuss her early legal career, you fail to mention that she worked for one of the most radical law firms in the country, one in which a large percentage of the members were known communists.
Well.."12", one thing I KNOW about Hillary, is that she had a very good LAS debate !

With all the racial BS seemingly behind us, and the Big "3" sticking to Issues, Hillary looked and SOUNDED like TOM BRADY, with 2 other "playoffless QB's around her !

While discussing the CHENEY :down: Energy Bill, she remarked about the "obscene" price of gas and Diesel Fuel, that FACT that EL-CHIMPO....."Is over in Saudi Arabia, BEGGING the Saudi's (to increase production/lower gas prices),....(followed by) HOW PATHETIC" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barring any MAJOR slip ups, the "COMEBACK KID (Part-2) is on the EXPRESS track to "1600 Pennsylvania avenue"...(And ALL becuse of LIL' OL' New Hampshire) :up: :up: :up: :up:
Like she'll have the power to do anything at all about gas prices when they pay some $ 7.00 a gallon in Amsterdam.We're still getting a deal.Besides,I thought big Nance and the new kids on the block were going to lower gas prices when they took power.
Just heard Fed wants to raise the highway tax some 0.40/gallon over the next 3-4 years so bridges don't fall in rivers anymore.
So WTF's Clinton going to do? :lol:
Like she'll have the power to do anything at all about gas prices when they pay some $ 7.00 a gallon in Amsterdam.

So WTF's Clinton going to do? :lol:

So you have'nt heard?

When shes elected OPEC will sh!t their pants and the price of oil will fall!

When the world hears her commitment at her inauguration about ending American dependence on foreign fuel, Clinton says, oil-pumping countries will lower prices to stifle America's incentive to develop alternative energy.

"I predict to you, the oil-producing countries will drop the price of oil," Clinton said, speaking at the Manchester YWCA. "They will once again assume, once the cost pressure is off, Americans and our political process will recede."
Well.."12", one thing I KNOW about Hillary, is that she had a very good LAS debate !

With all the racial BS seemingly behind us, and the Big "3" sticking to Issues, Hillary looked and SOUNDED like TOM BRADY

You think? Last night's debate made it abundantly clear that Hillary has no idea what she is talking about when it comes to the recent foreign investment rush. She essentially said that the banks bundled up the subprime debt obligations and sold them to foreign investors. Apparently, she is confusing the several foreign sovereign investment funds that rescued our American banks by supplying immediate cash infusions with the Americans bank's role of structured finance and selling mortgage-backed-securities to other American institutions and investors. If those banks were smart, and actually sold the bulk of it to foreign investors, then we would be much better off today. She clearly needs a better understanding - - or at least better advisors.

See transcript of debate

Hillary's words:

"But let’s look at how we got here. We got here because, as I said on Wall Street on December 5th, a lot of our big financial institutions, you know, made these bets on these subprime mortgages. They helped to create this meltdown that is happening, that is costing millions of people who live in homes that are being foreclosed on or could be in the very near future because the interest rates are going up. And what they did was to take all these subprime mortgages and conventional mortgages, bundle them up and sell them overseas to big investors. So we’re getting the worst of both worlds. "
Yeah,I suppose all the 'greenies' will drop their objections to offshore drilling,ANWR,etc just because

she's the first PMS'ing president. :lol:
Rove previews strategies against Clinton, Obama
By Sam Youngman
Posted: 01/16/08 02:55 PM [ET]

Karl Rove told a group of state Republican officials Wednesday that while the GOP primaries “are far from over,â€￾ each of the candidates can beat the top two Democrats — and the former White House aide then outlined a strategy how.

While Rove, the man President Bush called “the architect,â€￾ might have retired from the White House, he is clearly still very much engaged in the day-to-day mechanics of the presidential contests on both sides.

In an address to a group of state GOP executive directors at the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) winter meeting, Rove outlined talking points for ways to defeat leading Democratic candidates Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.). The former adviser to the president did not mention former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.).

On Clinton, Rove said the senator talks about fiscal responsibility but has introduced “$800 billion in new spending and the campaign is less than half over.â€￾

Rove said that “the womanâ€￾ wants to repeal all of Bush’s tax cuts, and that she can be targeted for voting against “troop fundingâ€￾ in the form of her votes against the Iraq war supplementals.

Specifically, Rove hit Clinton for what could have been her worst campaign moment last year, when she had trouble answering a question about driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants at the Democratic debate in Philadelphia.

“You know, Sen. Clinton [has] got a problem with giving straight answers in this campaign,â€￾ Rove said. “I thought that was an incredible moment. In the course of 15 minutes, I counted her giving about four different answers.â€￾

The Bush confidant also trotted out one of the lines of attack the RNC has already been working feverishly against Clinton, questioning why she and former President Bill Clinton will not release records from their time in the White House. This, according to Rove, “raises legitimate questions about what she’s hiding.â€￾

Rove made it clear that most Republican attacks on Obama would focus on his “accomplishments and experience.â€￾

“He got elected three years ago, and he [has] spent almost the entire time running for president,â€￾ Rove said.

Rove added that Obama has only passed one piece of legislation during his time in the U.S. Senate, and during his time in Illinois state Senate, Obama had “an unusual habitâ€￾ of voting “presentâ€￾ instead of yes or no.

Rove also said that nonpartisan ratings show that Obama is more liberal than Clinton, which he said is “pretty hard to do.â€￾

Time and again, however, Rove returned to the trump card he used in his successfully executed 2002 and 2004 elections, saying that neither Obama nor Clinton is prepared to protect the country from terrorists.

Rove served notice that Obama and Clinton would be targeted over how they vote on any Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act legislation that comes before the Senate this year.

“Do they or do they not want our intelligence officials to be listening in on terrorists’ conversations in the Middle East who may … be plotting to hurt America?â€￾ Rove said.

He told the state officials that it would be their responsibility to find “creative and sustaining waysâ€￾ to “talk about these contrasts.â€￾

Rove also offered advice to whichever Republican candidate wins the GOP nomination.

He said the candidates had to first “create a sustaining narrative about themselves.â€￾ Then he said the candidate should “immediately engageâ€￾ on the “kitchen table issues,â€￾ like healthcare, education, jobs and the economy.

Third, Rove said the GOP nominee has to show that he is serious about campaigning “aggressively in places where Republicans don’t usually campaign.â€￾ Rove said that includes among black, Latino, Asian and union voters.

“We’re going for everybody,â€￾ Rove said.

Lastly, Rove argued that the Republican candidate must show the electorate “that they understand the surge is working.â€￾ Rove said the candidate should get firmly behind the war effort, painting the Democratic nominee as “defeatist.â€￾

Hey Karl;

Send Romney/Huckleberry down to 125th st + Lexington Ave./NYC (HARLEM), :ph34r: :ph34r: and go into a coffee shop, and tell them "Karl Rove sent us down here" :shock: :shock:

OH......wa..wai...wait a minute please, I just pee'd my pants LAUGHING, and have to catch my breath !! :lol: :lol: :lol:
The Clinton's have enough skeletons in their closets....America doesn't want or need:

Bill and Hillary Clinton