A $100 Bet Available !

Aug 20, 2002
Imagine a SKUNK getting sprayed by a SKUNK, to where there exists nowhere Enough 'Tomato Juice' on the planet to neutralize the Skunk that got sprayed ( The ORANGE-TURD) ! That MORON is damaged Goods , which will throw the 24' GOP primary's into mass confusion. Intelligent, non MargeryTaylor Green RE-PLUGS, wont know weather to 'shite' or go blind' ! Think mass confusion, further Turning some RE-PLUGS against there own party. Not saying that they'd go Dem, BUT enough to skew the overall national numbers !! What -in - hell - do - you think - the - January 6th stuff- is - all - about ?????
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Jul 23, 2003
Remember when the January 6th hearings were going to be telecast every weekend Prime time?

And then after one week, it got canceled and they resumed doing it in the daytime when no one cared?

Here's a news flash for you Bears...

People care more about how much money they're putting into their gas tank, and not being able to find basic things at the stores.

Nobody outside of MSNBC viewers really care about Jan 6...

This next election is all about Biden.

You can try to make it about trump, but the fact remains that we are now witnessing the best thing that ever happened to Jimmy Carter's reputation.

I'm pretty certain Jimmy never thought he would live to see someone screw up the country and economy as bad and fast than he did.