A330-300 Questions from a CP

May 19, 2003
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As a CP on US I frequently review this forum for news on my favortite airline and I thought maybe some of the members could answer several questions for me.

We hit the jackpot and managed to get 6 envoys seats to FCO using awards for the week of Christmas this year. Does row 1 is still have the old first class seats that fully recline? If so we hit the jackpot twice as all six seats are booked in row 1. Are there any plans to change them to the envoy seats?

I understand that these seats are in their own cabin as oppossed to being with all the other envoy class seats. Any one have any comments on flying in row 1?

Also read somewhere you could sign up for an earlier (express) meal so you could get to sleep earlier. What is the meal and are you better off waiting for the regular meal service? I know that it will change between now and December.

Thanks for any info!!!!!

P.S. As a flyer who logs around 200 segments a year, the folks at US and ESPECIALLY the CP Desk are the best.
No other airline flying has anything that comes close to the CP Desk. Your the best!!!!!
As a fellow CP, I agree with your comments about the CP desk and the US employees. Tops in the biz IMHO.

As for the A330, row 1 is the old FC seats and the service is the same as Envoy. My personal preferrence is to fly row 1 on the eastbound overnight flight and then row 3, 4, or 5 for the westbound. The sleeper seats in row 1 are good for just that - sleeping. I actually find the Envoy seat perfect for the westbound - some sleep, some eat and some drinks. ;)
longing, as far as I know, the seats in row one are staying. I am a transatlantic flight attendant and fly on the A330 to FCO mostly. As of right now (the service is changing in June due to staffing changes) the Express meal is delivered the same time the appetizer is. It is not really given early, as it is not possible to completely disrupt the other 40 passengers service to get one Express meal out. And believe me it is a huge disruption, as everything is choreographed precisely. It is usually a chicken or seafood cold plate. Not too bad. Since the service is changing, I am not sure when the Express will be delivered, I would guess that it is probably along the same time frame as it is now.
I''ll look for you in December and Thanks for sticking with us.
Well, if I were you, I''d definitely pass on the meal service (not that it''s not excellent!) But what a great opportunity to sleep in privacy. I''m assuming your travelling with friends and/or family.

I''d even go so far as snack in the first class lounge, have a couple of tylenol pm''s and snooze the whole way. It might be a little loud since you''ll be the closet row to the galley, but ear plugs and sleeping masks are there, of course.

Enjoy the Envoy class service on the way back or some other time when you''re not in the ''special'' cabin.
Thanks for all the help. Did not realize that I was going to be on a A330 today. PHL-SJU. Great plane and flight.

Gonna stick with row 1 going over and moving to row 3 coming back. PSA1979, just look for the family of 6.

And were going stick with the regular meal, which on the flights over the pond I have alwways found to be enjoyable.

Again, thanks for the all the advice!!!!!